How to connect with influencers- even if you’re a nobody!

I often meet hyper-connectors at networking events, at work, at parties, and almost all the time online. The best way to spot a hyper connector is to observe people in the room. They are the one’s with the ability to build a relation and connect anyone from any profession or background.

How do I know? I’m one! I like connecting and meeting with brilliant people, and brilliant people often reciprocate in genuine giving manner. Often, some people hesitate and make excuses like “But, I don’t know if I have any value to give to them”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The important thing is to be genuinely curious- this will automatically help you ask relevant questions.

Here are some tips on connecting with influencers.

Before you approach anyone, do yourself and them a favour by conducting some basic research on what they do for a living and what the personal life is like (don’t get creepy tho). If you don’t, you’re wasting their valuable time. Makes notes if you have to, but just don’t waste their time!

Influencer marketing is in the Top 3 marketing priorities for brands in 2018

Here are some foxy tips on connecting with influencers:

1. Build a list – connect with 5 people of influence in your network.

2. Play the long game – you can change jobs and even live in different cities, but your network will remain- meaning that network is your net worth. Build relations with people you believe will be valuable to you not just today but also tomorrow and vice-versa.

3. Start small, connect with them on their favourite social platform. It’s about building that sense of familiarity and not being a creep that wants wants and wants.

4. Warm referrals are the best, they allow you to skip the line and also behave as social proof. This builds trust and trust drives business.

5. NO ESSAYS, remember, do not waste time, neither theirs, nor yours. Keep you reach-out message short, kind, and relevant (this is why LinkedIn has a word limit).

6. Follow up, you’ve connected- that’s great! Now drop them a message and thank them. See what they write on or produce and give your honest feedback. Tell them how something they suggested helped your life. People love it when you actually listen to them.

7. It’s not about you, it’s about helping them solve a problem. Don’t be the super annoying sales person, who always have a sale or pitch at the end of every meeting. Give back more than you take.

8. Build rapport with them by treating them like humans, treating them like they are on pedestal is setting the relationship on a skewed power dynamics. Just be normal!

9. Have a conversation that is both meaningful and memorable. Don’t just go about showering praises. Be real.

10. Use Foxynet Solutions, if you are someone who is trying to build connections and leads, and grow your network but can’t because of lack of time, then leave all the hard work to us and we’ll build a lead generation funnel for you that’ll grow your connections and network rapidly!

Reach out to us if you have any questions!


Cheers from your foxy mate.

Stay Foxy Clever!


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