Facebook updates, what’s changing?

Facebook updates, what’s changing?

Facebook has changed and updated a few functions of their services, here is a little summary to keep you up to date.


  • End to end encrypted video calling on What’s App just went from 8 people on a group call to 16 people​
  • Messenger AI powered effects and tools, including 360 virtual powered backgrounds and mood lighting​
  • Messenger Kids is expanding to 70+ countries and territories ​ Messenger integration with Facebook Dating for virtual dates​


  • Links work with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or without an account on any of the platforms​
  • No need to set up a time to get a link, you can just create a room and have a link​
  • You can have people come in and out as they want and make the open room visible and available to people in Facebook if you want (yes, you can control who can see your room and who can’t)​
  • You can kick people out of rooms, lock rooms so nobody else can join, lots of security settings​
  • You can schedule a room or event with reminders before the scheduled time​
  • Using the Messenger app will provide the best experience, but you can join from browsers as well​


  • Options for small events (rooms) or large events​
  • Live With already exists on Instagram where you can go live in a chat with people on Instagram​
  • Now bringing Live With to Facebook​
  • Large public events will work well on Live and smaller events might be held with Messenger Rooms​
  • You will be able to charge a fee for online events with Live​
  • Instagram Live will be brought to desktop web

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