TOP 13 fastest growing e-commerce and e-products opportunities

TOP 13 fastest growing e-commerce and e-products opportunities

During the last 2 months, the landscape of consumerism has been globally reshaped. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the retail sector, a sector that was already in recession and facing a global slow down. The current crisis has been rather unique for the digital world and has forced businesses to pivot from their traditional forms of practice and encouraged them to develop different markets and shopping platforms.

While most of business sectors and business owners are in a state of panic, a lot of opportunities have come out of the situation for existing businesses to move towards digital platforms to survive today and thrive tomorrow. Why not making this challenge an opportunity?

The answers to the key questions of “What is selling at the moment?” and “How is it sold?” are vastly different than they were two months ago and will change again soon. However, the changes in consumer behaviour will be lasting. A large part of the population, especially seniors, were not familiar with online commerce. They now have no choice but to use it to acquire some of the goods and services they need in their daily lives. As the population grows more comfortable with the convenience of online commerce, they will adopt this new way to shop, creating a long-term opportunity for existing businesses and new entrepreneurs.

After extensive research and based on our demand for marketing and web-design services in Sydney, Australia, our team came up with a list of the Top 13 fastest growing e-commerce and e-products businesses. The demand for online services is also booming and it will only grow stronger.

ONLINE SHOPPING: Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 5.0%, resulting in a market volume of AU$36,152m by 2024.

Top e-products and services opportunities

E-courses: Most full-time workers and parents cannot go to classes at a fixed time. E-learning continues to become ever more popular as it offers greater flexibility and reduced fix costs such as rent and is not limited by the business’ location.

Sport e-training, yoga and other exercise programs: In addition to working at home, people are also adapting to the need to exercise at home. And even in the long term, let’s be honest, after a long day working, not everyone is motivated to go outside again, especially during the winter or rainy days.

Why not adding a live version of your class? Consider having live workout sessions that can be recorded and played again later when needed. It would avoid the maximum number of participants limit and add value to memberships.

Child online school support: Is convenient for busy families where parents do not have the time or knowledge to help their children with their education on a daily basis.

E-consultation for doctors and health specialist, lawyers, accountants, therapy and mind set coach.  Think about the huge pool of clients who do not have time to come to your office, aren’t living nearby, have physical difficulties that prevent ease of travel, don’t have someone to watch their kids to leave the house, are travelling a lot, or simply prefer to stay home.

E-books and e-magazines: E-books and e-magazines have been around for a while, their convenience and low impact on the environment keeps increasing their popularity.

Top e-Commerce opportunities

The demand for e-shopping is increasing. Larger choice and convenience keep its popularity growing, especially when it comes with AR/VR!

Women’s health and cosmetics products.  Women like browsing and having options to choose from along with all the information they need before making a purchase that will impact their health or looks.

Baby and pregnant women products. Being pregnant or being a young parent can make your travel and shopping opportunities difficult. Shopping online is convenient and having delivery options make parents’ life easier.

Fresh local and organic products e-commerce. In big cities most people do not have time to go to farmers markets but still want to eat healthy delicious products while supporting local producers.

Fashion e-shop (by itself or in addition to a local store). We are in 2020, not being online and offering your fashion products online is losing a lot of opportunities as your competitors are doing it.

Groceries e-commerce. When you live in a city without a car, have kids, have physical difficulties that prevent ease of trave, ordering online and having delivery is so much more convenient.

DIY craft products kits + online tutorial & cooking appliance and accessories e-commerce. All DIY and activities e-commerce are great to associate with tutorials. Tutorial videos are fun and help you to promote your products.

DIY hair and beauty therapy products. Such as hair colours, wax, mani-pedi accessories etc… (Why not to do special stay-home DIY beauty products kits + tutorials)?

What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity to create your own online business! Check our articles for help such as How to increase my sales in 2020? or How to create a high quality website?

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